Private Lending Airtable Base

All-in-one Airtable private lending template to manage your lending business. Loan origination, servicing, CRM, and more. Made by a lender, for lenders.

My story and why you might need the base

I started a hard money side hustle 3 years ago when I was working until 2 am every night as an investment banker.

I closed 40 loans in my first 12 months.

So how did I keep up and grow so fast?

I built this Airtable base to automate and cut down on 90% of the data entry and back office tasks.

I am now a full-time private lender and owner of Longleaf Lending. I've closed over 300+ loans and over $75 million in deal value.

This Airtable base STILL runs my business.

Private lending software is expensive, inflexible, and cumbersome (believe me - I've demo'd most of them). You'll pay $1,000+/month plus $5,000 in onboarding and set up costs.

And then, it takes over a month just to get up and running!

Most lenders don't need this.

If you want to start lending or are still using an excel spreadsheet to manage your business, it's time for an upgrade.

What's included?

The base is built in the free version of Airtable. Here's what you get:

Instant access to my all-in-one custom Airtable base

8 integrated tables to manage loan origination, customer relationships, and servicing

Access to over 1.5 hours of my instructional videos on how to use the lending features I've designed in Airtable

Works on the Free version of Airtable - only upgrade if you want to add additional features later on


Airtable private lending base pipeline

Overview of the Private Lending Airtable Base

The base has 8 tables to help you manage your originations, customer relationships, and servicing.


Input, receive, and manage loan terms, your pipeline, and your active deals. Includes forms to submit deals from you or your borrowers.


Receive and approve draw requests from borrowers. Includes a form for your borrowers to submit

Fee & charge recording

Record post-close fees such as extensions, late fees, and force-placed insurance premiums. These fees roll up into the payoff statement so you don't forget to collect and that haven't been paid.


Generate monthly payment tickets and keep track of which payments you've received.


Database of your borrowers or other industry contacts. Includes a pre-approval form that you can use to help qualify new leads.


These are the legal entities that may be linked to one or more of your contacts.


Log communications with your Contacts and set reminders for follow-ups. Keep track of how long it's been since you were in contact.

Loan Programs

Design as many of your loan programs as you'd like such as fix & flip or ground up. Establish settings such as interest days and dutch vs. non-dutch.

Get the Base

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Loan origination features

✅ New loan submission form for lender and borrower

✅ Data entry and file storing - upload underwriting documents easily

✅ Automatic calculations - first payment date, origination fees, etc.

✅ Pipeline management and kanban view

✅ Customizable loan types and products. Includes ability to adjust 360/365 interest days and dutch or non-dutch interest

✅ Standardized loan conditions (such as interest rate and maturity)

✅ Custom dashboards

✅ Funding figures generation to confirm with title

✅ Partial interest is pre-paid at close. Accrued interest due on the first of every month

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Loan servicing features

✅ Draw request form for borrowers

✅ Draw review, approval, and tracking

✅ Generate monthly payment tickets and keep track of interest payment receipts

✅ Add additional post-close fees such as extensions and late fees

✅ Generate payoff statements with automatic calculations to collect partial interest, unpaid interest, and other fees or charges

✅ Custom views and dashboards to monitor loan performance

✅ Loan tape generation and export to Excel

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CRM features

✅ Add new and existing contacts

✅ New contact submission form and pre-approval form for screening leads

✅ Log interactions to keep track of project details

✅ Set reminders to keep in touch with Contacts

✅ Track how long since you last contacted a borrower

✅ Link multiple contacts to an entity in Accounts

Frequently asked questions

Sure - but you'll make mistakes. I've learned a lot in the 3 years I've been using Airtable to run my business. This template includes all those hard fought lessons I've learned over the years.

It's designed for real estate lenders, but it can be used for any asset class with some minor modifications. That's the beauty of Airtable.

Unfortunately, no. So, please make sure this is the right solution for you. If you want help deciding, book a 1-hour call with me on the consulting page. If you decide to buy the lending base, I'll give you a credit back from the call.

Yes! I won't put you through a month of onboarding! All you have to do is adjust some settings which I specify in the how-to videos. If you have active loans, I also explain how you can import them.

Yes and no. This option isn't for everyone. If you have a large operation, want full control of servicing, and manage a fund, you are probably best signing up for software or staying put. This is a great option for lenders that want more flexibility and control, or those that are still operating on a spreadsheet.

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