Smart move

This Airtable private lending base a perfect for originators/lenders growing their business or those that need to make the upgrade from an excel spreadsheet.

Lifetime access

Eliminate 90% of repeat data entry. Automate your tasks. Built on the free version of Airtable.

Pay once, own it forever

$999 USD

Buy on Gumroad

Heads up

Take note of what is not included

  • Ongoing support. You can use it straight out of the boc. I provide videos on settings and modifications.
  • Airtable subscription. You'll need to set up your own Airtable subscription, as explained in the videos. The base can be used on the free version of Airtable.
  • Onboarding. I'm not available to help you onboard your existing loan portfolio. I share in the videos about how you can import data with just a few clicks.
  • Refunds. The base cannot be returned, I'm sorry.

Still not sure? Book a call with me. If you decide to purchase the base, I'll credit the cost of the call.