No code & private lending consulting

I built our private lending business, Longleaf Lending, on no-code tools only 4 months after signing up for a SaaS solution. It was disappointing since we demo'd most of the options and believed we made the right decision. The software lacked the flexibility and customization we needed. No - I don't want to pay another $500 to add another document template to the system. With the Airtable/Formstack integration, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Today, our business still runs off a combination of Airtable/Stacker/Zapier/ClickUp. In addition to Longleaf, I've had fun building other onlines businesses with no-code tools. Charter Direct, for example, is a niche listing site I built that started making money only a month after launch. It's built on Softr.

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